Kgositsile attended Matibane High School in Johannesburg,…



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    Kgositsile attended Matibane High School in Johannesburg, as well as schools in other parts of the country. During that time he was able (with some difficulty) to find books by Langston Hughes and Richard…
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Kgositsile attended Matibane High School in Johannesburg, as well as schools in other parts of the country. During that time he was able (with some difficulty) to find books by Langston Hughes and Richard Wright, and influenced by them as well as by European writers (principally Charles Dickens and D. H. Lawrence), he began writing stories, though not yet with any intention of doing so professionally. After working at a series of odd jobs after high school, he took to writing more seriously, getting a job with the politically charged newspaper New Age. He contributed both reporting and poetry to the newspaper. These early poems, anticipating a lifetime of Kgositsile's work, combine lyricism with an unmuted call to arms. Any early interest in fiction was replaced by the sheer urgency of communication that Kgositsile felt. As he said later, "In a situation of oppression, there are no choices beyond didactic writing: either you are a tool of oppression or an instrument of liberation."

The years of exile
In 1961, under considerable pressure both for himself and as part of a government effort to shut down New Age, Kgositile was urged by the African National Congress, of which he was a vocal member, to leave the country. He went initially to Dar es Salaam to write for Spearhead magazine (unrelated to the right-wing British magazine of the same name), but the following year emigrated to the United States. He studied at a series of universities, beginning with Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, where he "spent a lot of time in the library trying to read as much black literature as I could lay my hands on."
After studying at the University of New Hampshire and The New School for Social Research, Kgositsile entered the Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing at Columbia University. At the same time, he published his first collection of poems, Spirits Unchained.


  • Kgositsile frequentò la Matibane High School di Johannesburg ed altre scuole in diverse parti del Paese. In quel periodo riuscì con alcune difficoltà a trovare dei libri di Langston Hughes e Richard Wright. Influenzato da essi e da scrittori europei (principalmente Charles Dickens e D. H. Lawrence), iniziò a scrivere storie, benché ancora senza alcuna intenzione di farlo in modo professionale. Dopo aver lavorato ad una serie di lavoretti dopo la scuola superiore, iniziò a scrivere più seriamente, ottenendo un lavoro presso il giornale Nwe Age, politicamente impegnato. Questi poemi giovanili, anticipando di una vita il lavoro di Kgositsile, combinano il lirismo con un'immutata chiamata alle armi. Ogni originario interesse nella finzione fu rimpiazzato dalla pura urgenza di comunicazione che Kgositsile sentiva. Come avrebbe detto in seguito, "In una situazione di oppressione, non ci sono scelte oltre la scrittura didattica: o sei uno strumento di oppressione o uno strumento di liberazione".

    Gli anni dell'esilio
    Nel 1961, sotto la considerevole pressione sia sua sia come parte di uno sforzo del governo di abbattere New Age, Kgositsile fu costretto dal Congresso Nazionale Africano, di cui era un membro vocale, a lasciare il Paese. Andò inizialmente a Dar es Salaam per scrivere per la rivista Spearhead (non legata alla rivista inglese di destra-wing dello stesso nome), ma l'anno successivo emigrò negli Stati Uniti. Studiò in una serie di università, a partire dalla Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, dove "trascorse molto tempo nella biblioteca cercando di leggere tanta letteratura nera quanta potevo reggerne nelle mie braccia".
    Dopo aver studiato all'Università del New Hampshire ed alla New School for Social Research, Kgositsile iniziò il Master in Fine Arts in scrittura creativa alla Columbia University. Allo stesso tempo pubblicò la sua prima raccolta di poesie, Spirits Unchained.
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